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Today I´ll be driving to Paide that is a nice small town in the center of Estonia. On Vallimägi Hill (picture below), the Festival of Opinion Culture (that started already yesterday) takes place. The objective is to provide an open platform for the discussion of society and culture, free of any political ambition. The festival will provide the opportunity to listen to inspiring speeches, exchange opinions about social and political issues, gain new knowledge and fresh ideas, participate in workshops, meet new people and enjoy the social program. The festival helps to start at least 160 discussions and almost 400 people are going to appear on several stages. I will participate in the debate that takes place on the Social Innovation Stage concerning social entrepreneurship in Estonia. It will be a great opportunity to exchange ideas (and maybe to argue a bit) with the Chairperson of the Social Affairs Committee of the Estonian Parliament, and Secretary General of the Ministry of Economics and Communication, among others.

Introducing Estonian experience globally

PILT 3 A rather more global speaking opportunity will be at Social Impact Analysts Association´s (SIAA’s) annual conference “Talking Data: Measurement with a message” in November 2014 in Canada. Estonia – thanks to its small size – is a great place for testing out various solutions. My session covers the opportunity of developing simple, practical and inspiring impact reporting tha thas been one of our success stories. Read the warm-up blog post here!

Twitter stories


So the very first Social Impact Bond (in Peterborough, the UK) seems to have worked out properly!


It looks like the salary in social purpose organisations is a thorny issue also in other countries. I fully support the idea that the income of social and educational sector employees should be higher and more directly related to the positive impact of their work to the society. In that respect the efforts to monetize impact (e.g. developing social return on investment - SROI- framework) can prove to be very valuable.


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