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Helping five Estonian stakeholders (including Estonian National Agency for Youth in Action programmeCity of TartuCity of Pärnu) to set up their collective impact programs - for helping various types of youth at risk. On Monday, we had an exciting brainstorm with the partners and agreed on the next steps. At least five dashboards (incorporating statistics and story-telling) will be ready ready to use by October.


Why five dashboards? Because each of the main stakeholders has their unique set-up of collective impact network as well as different sub-groups of youth they would like to help. Will be interesting to see, which of the formats will work the best!


Other stories



At Estonian Socia Enterprise Network: had a meeting with the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure, and other members of the Ministry´s staff. The next step will be meeting also Minister of Foreign Trade and Entrepreneurship. Then – hopefully some strategic-level cooperation with the Ministry. 


We are getting closer and closer to finding the right arguments how to demonstrate that social enterprises provide their communities (and the state) much more value than visible from their annual balance sheets. In that respect, the very recent sector statistics overview as well as the work we have been doing at impact analysis of individual social enterprises helps a lot.


Twitter stories

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