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Author: Külli Kivioja-Ööpik (Estonian Social Enterprise Network)

Constructive debate with public sector decision makers? DONE!  From the left:

About the background of the whole affair I wrote longer last week on this link.

The debate was very interesting – not only about ideas, but also about potential next steps in developing social enterprise sector in Estonia. For example – Ministry of Economics and Communication together with Ministry of Justice will codify Estonian Commercial Law in 2014-2015. The question whether Estonia needs a separate legal form for social enterprise will be among the issues considered.

It poses a positive challenge to Estonian Social Enterprise Network to be a strong and knowledgeable partner in this process. The experience so far (in Estonia and elsewhere) has shown that the main challenge will not be about the legal details but the weighty choices to be made beforehand. Yes, social enterprise legal discussion is concerned with choices that touch upon anybody´s deepest beliefs about how the society should be built up and developed. One hint: profit distribution…


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It´s not “big scale” vs “small poor human beings”

I´m sure that in global scale impact investments it´s perfectly possible to track the change locally on individual level (in case the impact analysis has been built properly into the management processes).



A hint how to design research of international experience, which provides information that can actually be used in creating change



I believe that in the future the impact analysis will be considered one of the most valuable fields of auditing

The belief is also a reason why I´m active in Social Impact Analysts Association (SIAA) as one of the many founding members. You can meet me at its annual conference “Talking Data: Measurement with a message” in Toronto in November. My workshop there will be about simple, efficient and creative solutions for small-scale change-makers. Some weeks ago I wrote a warm-up of the workshop for SIAA´s blog.


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