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Pleased to meet you! The picture shows recent developments of social enterprise sector in Estonia.


On the graph, some trends seem to show signs of increase, others of decrease? Growth percentages are what the graph presents. So – in fact everything increases! Both the sales revenues (green columns) and the number of employees (dark blue line). The number of new social enterprises (red line) grows slower than the other two indicators. It means that the growth is mainly based on the increase in capacity of already existing organisations.


On Friday this week, we at Estonian Social Enterprise Network in collaboration with Statistics Estonia and Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations (with the support of European Commission) presented the results of first-ever statistical overview of Estonian social enterprise sector.


For me personally, it is a moment of not only studying the outcomes of the research, the numbers and underlying trends they express – but also a moment of reflection. Having been sharing the adventure of social entrepreneurship for more than 8 years, it´s a wonderful moment to be thankful for all the progress that has been made.


Growth and vitality means that all is already perfect? … Well… Not really.


The first systemic change in 2005-2014 was about the replication of separate success stories and forming a clearly distinguishable sector.


The next systemic change should bring about a situation when each of societal problem areas in Estonia is tackled by a sufficient number of capable social enterprises with sustainable and scalable business models.


The work towards the inspiring vision continues tomorrow. This week was about celebration, looking back in gratitude, giving recognition to the teams of existing social enterprises, and saying “Thank you!” on behalf of Estonian Social Enterprise Network  for the supporters behind the first systemic change (Good Deed FoundationNational Foundation of Civil Society etc). The statistics reflect the results of our joint efforts over the past years.


Now some moments from the historic presentation event!


Moment # 1. Ms Agnes Naarits (Statistics Estonia) explains how academically sound sample for the analysis was formed from a phenomenon that still lacks a clear single legal status in Estonia.


Moment # 2. Ms Riinu Lepa (Estonian Social Enterprise Network) explores the distribution and fields of activities of social enterprises all over Estonia.



Moment # 3. I introduce the part of the event that aimed at showing the importance of weighting of (the impact of) social enterprises in addition to (statistical) measuring. 


Any successful social enterprise leaves a much bigger positive footprint on their communities than the numbers reflect in traditional annual accounts. Usually, the numbers in their annual accounts (that form the basis for the statistics) tell only the half of the story.



Moment # 4. I present an example of exploring the impact of an social enterprise in financial terms. Impact analysis (accompanied with monetisation, if relevant and possible) and statistics based on that should be the next step. 

You can read further about the example on the slide in English from NGO Avitus outcomes and impact communication report, pages 3 – 4. 



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