Need a bike? Social enterprise that fits the summer season

Sun, fresh air, the legs enjoying pedalling… and social entrepreneurship? Oh yes. To celebrate summer, we will publish a small series of posts dedicated to changemakers who achieve their objectives using cycling. In the first post, Mariliis from Stories For Impact shares a nice discovery from her own home town Tartu.


In university town in Southern Estonia there is a great enterprise with a mission – “To get more people bicycling in the street”. In order to accomplish that, people… well, they do need bikes. The Experimental Bike Factory provides just that. Volunteers come and help to fix some bikes.

If they succeed in fixing two bikes they get one of them for free. 



A not-yet-ready bike which is being worked on


Their business model is sustainable because they use volunteers to mend bikes and sometimes provide bike repair services too. The bikes which are finished are then put up for sale on fairs and other events. Of course generous donations in old bicycles and bike parts are accepted.





The Bike Factory does not lack supplies – these wheels are waiting for volunteers, too


They also have a facebook page which is unfortunately only in Estonian link here.


Since we were interested in their business we also contacted them and asked if we could come in and help. Bike Factory welcomed us with open arms and gave us some tasks. So we tidied up the cellar where all the bikes were and then got to work on creating new roadworthy bikes.




A chaotic situation in the cellar


As you can see it is not that hard as presumed. Attach some bolts here and there, choose the right saddle that fits, add some oil to the chain… And that’s it.


Happy cycling! (Stronger health, better mood, cleaner air!)



A bike we worked on – almost ready!




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