Jaan Aps old

„Successful change-makers are able to answer correctly two questions – WHAT and HOW?

I´m inspired to learn such insights, develop them further and share with others.“

Jaan Aps (autor Sven Tupits)

Jaan Aps´ mission for the next decade will be to help the steps of defining, evaluating and communicating impact to become an easy-to-use standard for change-makers. Stories For Impact is a social business that provides related solutions to social-purpose organisations.


Jaan was one of the initiators of the Estonian Social Enterprise Network. As a current Chairman of the Management Board, he has helped to grow the network of 35+ members to one of the key players of social innovation in Estonia. Daily management practice keeps Jaan firmly on the ground while remaining optimistic (if not particularly idealistic) about the potential for positive change.


Previously, he worked over seven years as a portfolio manager for the Good Deed Foundation, the only venture philanthropy organisation in the Baltic countries at that time. Among other achievements, he helped to create and manage the first Internet-based donation system in the region for Swedbank Estonia as the only outside consultant for the initiative.


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