Ideal Impact Test Track – Estonia

Estonia is a country with less than 1,4 million inhabitants… What could be a better place to test various approaches that can be improved and scaled up later internationally?


Currently, Estonians are developing a standard for outcome and impact communication



Communication report: we compress tens of pages of strategy documents into easy-to-understand schemes of theory of change while illustrating each of these with real-life stories.


raporti esikaas

Compiling the reports acts as a catalyst for learning and change for the teams of social purpose organisations. We design it to become an exciting and challenging process for them!


By the end of the pilot season 2013 / 14, we have compiled the reports for all the members of Estonian Social Enterprise Network as well as some flagship organisations of Estonian civil society. 


While piloting our approach, we are aiming at developing it further with cross-border clients and partners.


NB! Our team is fluent in English and consists of native speakers of German, Russian and Estonian.



 The setting for the session with social enterprise leaders: an empty stage to enable full transparency regarding their impact :-) and, of course, boost the creativity!




The stage setting is working out perfectly – the theories of change are being born in real time on the screens (none of the participating social enterprises had a clear scheme before).



Further info: Mr Jaan Aps, info(at)