Stories For Impact provides solutions to social-purpose organisations related to:



Jaan Aps stimulates the teams to dream, plan, act and analyse

- in order to achieve real impact


Here are a few success stories on how Stories For Impact has helped organisations to achieve their goals:

A story about an organisation who, at first, had no theory of change and no focus in strategy which led to a confusing website where nothing could be found. Now they know what they want to achieve and what kind of impact to have. A story which has a happy ending: Better communication methods through web page – Estonian Association of Large Families

“The Estonian Social Enterprise Network has – in cooperation with two fantastic volunteers and a consultancy Stories For Impact – created a simple yet attractive reporting standard for its members. The process of compiling the report helps social enterprises to clarify their theories of change, choose proper indicators and become more experienced in story-telling. The format can be applied for any sector (e.g. from employment generation to community activism). ” New impact report form for Estonian Social Enterprise Network



Jaan Aps as a mentor and consultant


Ms Aage Õunap (president), NPO Estonian Association of Large Families:

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“With the help of Jaan Aps we have been able to clarify our course of action: choosing 4 topics has given us clear objectives. Our web page has become more informative and specific and now I truly understand what “impact” is. We have started to map our actions and the impact they have.


Evaluating our impact seemed easier at first. When I focused on the topic I found new challenges and discoveries which took more time than previously assumed. Involving a mentor was the correct choice and as a leader of the organisation I am really glad that it was Jaan Aps.”


Ms Kärt Vaarmari and Mr Siim Vahtrus (members of the board), Estonian Environmental Law Centre

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“”Before we became involved with Stories For Impact we were confused how to evaluate our organisation’s impact which is very hard to measure. The evaluation process helped us to set our strategy and phrase our goals. It became clear how to plan our evaluation of impact, why we work at this exact field and what we want to acieve.


We also learned how to present our recent effect. Evaluation of our impact can be done through stories and in some cases using numbers. Concerning the process, I really liked the timeframe (meetings arranged early enough and the fixed time of the actions) and meeting the deadlines. It gave us certain milestones and clearer tasks (even though we were not always able to complete all of them).


We liked the way we had to do all practical things ourselves since there were no short cuts. These tasks helped us to eventually put together organisation’s developing plan and objectives how to get there.”


Ms Sigrid Västra (chairman of the board), Federation of Estonian Student Unions

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“We gained a lot during our cooperation with Jaan Aps. What I liked the most was that it was outcome-oriented. Jaan had lots of deadlines we had to meet and that helped us stay on schedule. That way we were able to assess our results while doing things.


Of course, it is important to mention the benefit of grasping the big picture. At first, some people of my team didn’t understand the necessity of measuring things the way Jaan demanded but by now these ways have become essential tools of our work.


The positive experience gained during the collaboration was apparen in the way we were guided: it was not teaching but pointing at the right direction without taking our privilege to decide for ourselves.”