Success story 1

Success story – Estonian Association of Large Families

The client before the cooperation: Estonian Association of Large Families had no theory of change. No focus in strategy also meant no focus in external communication. The landing page of the web page merely listed their various activities.


NB! The text on the following pictures is in Estonian. However, the language is not important as the story describes the changes in ways of thinking and expressing them in web-page structure.



Their webpage lacked structure mainly because of not having defined clear objectives and expected impact. So everything seemed equally important. In the main menu there were items like news, descriptions of several programs and references to kids camps all mashed together. The result: finding any necessary information was almost impossible.




Another example is their former annual report from the year 2012. It showed quite systematically what they did but still did not talk about impact. When discussing projects as you can see in the picture below they only talked about the outputs and financing sources. (1st column – “Name of the project”, 2nd – “Grant-maker”, 3rd – “Outputs”, 4th – “Project budget”). Any information about outcomes and impact was completely missing.




Estonian Association of Large Families put together their impact communication report according to standardized format with our help in 2013. This diagram shows the impact journey as a theory of change: firstly, the target group and their problem; then the activities-outputs and preconditions; and lastly, the outcomes and impact they intend to achieve. As the Association has four slightly different target groups according to their specific needs, altogether four theories of change were compiled.




Each of the schemes was illustrated with stories proving that at least some representatives of their target group had succeeded in completing the journey from the problematic situation to intended impact:




Here is the design of their new web page! As mentioned previously, the Association identified four focus areas, each with a separate theory of change. The four focuses are attractively presented on their new web page as four colorful boxes.




The transformation has generated some buzz among Estonian civil society stakeholders. Here is Association´s President Ms Aage Õunap presenting Estonian Association of Large Families and their success story.




The four different focus areas are: advocacy for large families, supporting children’s development opportunities, supporting families’ self-improvement possibilities and fulfilling material needs.




The stories the Association used in impact communication report found their place on the webpage too!




Their webpage structure has improved a lot. They wrote about the focus areas’ needs, accomplishments and projects including impact.




The happy end: strategic impact-oriented focus is clear both internally and externally for the Association!